Mattress for Back Pain Relief

Overnight and morning backaches and pains can be an indicator that your existing mattress is worn out and a new mattress is needed. A properly-designed mattress can offer optimum spinal support and provide rest to joints to prevent pain.

The mattress that best fits this purpose is an Orthopedic Mattress.

An orthopedic mattress is a type of mattress that offers support to the joints, with special focus on the spinal area. It was developed after studying how the joints and bones work and how specially-designed mattresses could prevent back pain.

However, after mattress manufacturers noticed that these mattresses were selling well, they started calling all mattresses “orthopedic” regardless of the make, and the term has been reduced to a marketing gimmick by many brands in the present-day scenario.

How To Find An Orthopedic Mattress

A good orthopedic mattress should have two critical features- relieving pressure and supporting spine alignment.

Relieving Pressure

The body parts in contact upon lying down on a hard surface are in-effect squashed by the body weight. This can cause severe discomfort and even tissue damage in long term. Hence, there should be some softness to provide rest to the pressure points.

If a mattress is too extreme in terms of firmness or softness, the pressure-relieving comfort will not be there. Such mattresses may not fit into the orthopedic mattress category.

However, consider every single mattress type because there are some spring mattresses and foam mattresses that offer exceptional pressure relieving. Quilted and Bonded foam especially is known to evenly distribute the body weight across the surface for pressure relief. Hybrid mattresses (beds with a spring system as the core topped with bonded/high resilience foam, latex foam layers) often hit the perfect spot, providing the best combination of support and comfort you need.

Spine Alignment

In line with the pressure relieving property, mattresses supporting good spine alignment will also not be too firm or too soft.

The ideal orthopedic mattress will be soft towards the head and foot area of the mattress and firm in the middle. This structure will help support the natural curve of the spine. Compromising on spine alignment will lead to stress on the muscles, tendons, and even bones of the spine, leading to pain and damage in the long run. 

Orthopedic mattresses are simply mattresses that are designed to provide good support to the joints and overall body. Many brands claim their mattresses to be “orthopedic” without offering the most important qualities for the same.

It’s important to be thorough with the research on a brand’s offering in the name of ‘Orthopedic’ and choose wisely.



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