How to Buy the Right Mattress

Our bed is a sacred haven…our place of rest and re-building through a good night’s sleep. However, the most well-constructed and designed beds will fail their purpose without a good mattress to rest yourself upon. For this reason, a mattress is one of the most essential items of use, making mattress selection much more than just a shopping exercise. It is as critical as an investment decision!  

The following is a basic checklist to ensure you select the right mattress -

  1. Focus on YOUR comfort. Set your expectations in terms of comfort level and what suits your ‘sleep-needs’ the best. Selecting the right mattress comes down to several factors, like the dimensions, firmness levels, sophisticated construction and the type of materials used.
  2. Dimensions and Materials Matter. Consider the following scenario- you have a single sized mattress, but it is not enough to accommodate you entirely.
Solution - a more spacious double bed mattress.
Another scenario- you have a queen size mattress, it is slightly extra on the space considering a single individual is using it, but you like having a little extra room for resting.
The most common scenario- King-sized mattresses being used for partners offering plenty of space for couples- Plenty of room, but if your mattress doesn’t ensure the movement of one partner during the night doesn’t disturb the other partner, its like one issue being resolved but movement absorption not resolved.
Solution- A pocket spring mattress which is designed to isolate movement on one particular area on its surface without disturbing the other area.
  1. Firmness- To each their own! One brand’s Extra Firm = Another brand’s medium firm. Please consider the make and the variation. Also, the level of firmness should be just adequate to properly support your spine and other parts of your body. Excess firmness will cause discomfort to your body’s pressure points (mainly the joints) and prevent the spine from maintaining its natural curve while you sleep. Too soft and the mattress will sag and leave a gap right under the middle area of the spine, which will cause discomfort to the spine and pain in the long run.
  1. Window shop with a purpose! Spend time and consider all options after due research on spring mattresses, memory foam, latex and hybrid mattresses to find which mattress is the one for you.
  2. Latex foam- New, Natural and Near-Perfection Natural latex as a core material in a mattress is a phenomenon now, since it is extremely cool, clean (read anti-bacterial) and comfortable. Right since it’s introduction and more so in the recent years, it is fast becoming the first choice when it comes to foam-based mattresses.
  3. Hybrid mattress- One thing, best of everything If you want to be spoilt for choice and benefits, get a Hybrid mattress! Different combinations like latex foam and spring combination, or a spring with memory foam combination. Hybrid mattresses mean a higher level of customization and comfort as per your choice.
  4. Brand Value Many Brands come and go, but only some have stood the test of time and trends. Go for established brands which have quality products and offer good after sales service.
  5. Warranty The longer the duration of the warranty of your mattress, the better.



Always Remember, your mattress is not just a furniture item, the very nature of its utility makes it an investment of sorts. Choose wisely, sleep soundly!
Happy Shopping!
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